Lloret Scuba diving, Lloret plongée sous-marine, Lloret submarinismo

We gather the clients in the door of his hotel and take them to our Tossa's center (15 km) (new Vans of 9 squares with air conditioning and TV). During the tour we spend a video to them multilanguage with the summary of the activity.

Already in the center they leave his belongings in the ticket offices and in the room of videoes we they project a movie edited by us, with simultaneous translation in 6 languages, of approximately 30 minutes of duration, with which they will learn the basic concepts and safety procedure of the scuba diving.

We equip ourselves (suits of neoprene of 5mm new), we load the equipments in another van and in 5 minutes we injure to the Mar Menuda (Small Sea), probably the best corner of Catalonia to begin in the scuba diving.

45 minutes of dip accompanied by 2 or 3 qualified instructors, to not more than 5 meters of depth. On returning to the center they can have a shower in our wide wardrobes. They gather his chattels and we return them to his hotel.

There will be delivered them a personalized similar certificate they have realized a workshop of introduction to the scuba diving with his name, time of dip, maximum reached depth, etc … (without aftercost)

Our activity is totally exempt from risk and is thought for all the persons who fulfill a few minimal requirements: not to have problems of heart, respiratory device, problems in the ears or not to be pregnant. Not to fly in plane in a minimum of 12 hours. Minimal age 12 years, with paternal authorization or tutor.

Programms and services:

Approximate duration: 4 hours

Schedules in the morning (8:30 am-12:30pm, 9:30am- 1:30pm)and in the evening (3:00 pm- 7:00pm, 4:00pm - 8:00pm)

Only you will have to take swimsuit, towel and document of identification, passport or driver's licence; necessary they to be proceeded by the insurance of skin-diving, obligatory in Catalonia to be able to realize any activity of scuba diving.

The company  reserves the right to cancel the activity if the weather conditions do not guarantee the safety of the users. In this case, the customer is entitled to


It ‘s complusory to select the day you want to do the activity in the blank of: ORDERS COMMENTS. Just after filling up CUSTOMER INFORMATION and BILLING INFORMATION.

Once you finish the reservation, you will get on your email the confirmation of your purchase, but you will need a voucher to do the activity. RADIALTOURS will send to your e.mail this voucher, after checking that everything is correct. Without this voucher you cannot do the activity.

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