Barcelona activities 101a – ZOO DE BARCELONA – Children

zoo barcelona

RATE CHILDREN: Children are applied between 3 and 12 years


The Zoo first opened its doors to the public on the Festival of the Mercè in 1892, Barcelona’s patron saint’s day on 24 September, on a site that had been part of the 1888 Universal Exposition in the Parc de la Ciutadella. A number of generations have passed through this site and have undoubtedly experienced very thrilling moments, unforgettable sequences that are repeated over the years, as the children of yesterday are the parents and grandparents of today.

Although zoos were initially conceived solely as showcases for exotic fauna, modern zoos are very far removed from this now-forgotten concept. Their mission now is geared towards the conservation of nature everywhere and the fight against the loss of habitats as well as becoming reservoirs of biodiversity. They have also become a space for family leisure and are, consequently, an important tool in the strategy for raising awareness and the conservation of the most endangered fauna.

Throughout these years, the Zoo has steadily evolved to adapt to the social realities that demanded its orientation and dedication to its principal mission, which it has itself strengthened: research, the conservation of species under threat of extinction and education and dissemination.

As a result, Barcelona Zoo today is an educating, awareness-raising, pioneering and benchmark zoo in the Mediterranean that is firmly committed to combating the global threats to biodiversity and to promoting sustainability.

The Zoo is facing the future prepared for the new challenges with the strong desire to continue in its role as a benchmark and cornerstone in the defence and conservation of biodiversity, basic concepts set out in the World Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Strategy.


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